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5th Generation Family-Owned Business

Lazy T Farm is a holistically managed grass-fed cattle and pastured poultry operation, focusing on regenerative practices. As a family-owned and operated business, Lazy T Farm works to ensure the sustainability of the business and the land for future generations. Lazy T Farm direct-markets farm products to farm-to-table restaurants and families in Alberta. 



Our Mission Statement

As a family farm with more than 100 years of history and 5 generations of experience,

we are working as a team to keep our rural heritage and farming community strong.


We promote an atmosphere that is open, welcoming and non-judgmental for ourselves, our family, our customers and our community.

We are continually improving our succession plan to increase family involvement:

Keeping younger generations involved and interested is a must.


We use clear communication to promote a safe and happy workplace, while continuing to enjoy our work and make time for play.  

Organizing work time to make travel and learning possible for the whole team is a priority.

We strive to stay happy and healthy, by using what we have on the farm: lots of fresh air, exercise and nutritious food.

We are implementing regenerative farming practices in order to build soil and carbon.

We work closely with nature and its cycles to produce healthy, sustainable, quality food for ourselves and our customers.



Lazy T Farm is a fifth-generation family farm that has been transitioned only through the females. Currently, the farm team consists of the fourth and fifth generations. Tony and Clara have been farming on the land for over 30 years and holistically managing the land for over 10 years, and now Brett and Jenna have joined them and are producing grass-fed beef, free-range eggs, and pastured poultry.

Brett and Jenna are excited to be new farmers, motivated by good food and health of the land. Jenna, who grew up on the farm, was an interior designer and home organizer, and now when she is not farming she teaches yoga. Brett, an electrician by trade has morphed into a cow enthusiast.

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